TC and Tracy Morrow
Life Member    
  Address 16306 Lochness, Rosharon TX 77583  
  Phone 832 606 6653  
    Dog 1 Dog 2

Dog's Name

VC Southpaw Socks Morrow Griffs Quasie Nick
  Call Name Socks Nick
  Sex F M
  Whelp Date 05/08/2010 05/07/2007
  Breed GW GW
  Prizes NA Prize I / 112, UT Prize I NA Prize III /88,  UT Prize II / 197
  Sire Griffs Xplosive Bishop VC Southpaw Quasie
  Dam VC LJC's Gem MH Griffs Gretta
    Dog 3 Dog 4

Dog's Name

Griffs Viking Chewbacca 2 Griffs Saltyfoote Mack
  Call Name Deuce Mack
  Sex M M
  Whelp Date 05/13/2012 05/13/2012
  Breed GW GW
  Prizes   NA Prize I / 112
  Sire Griffs Viking Fancy Feather Saltyfoote
  Dam MH Griffs Gretta MH Griffs Gretta
    Dog 5 Dog 6

Dog's Name

TC's K-9 Blitz TGR'S Impressive Duke
  Call Name    
  Sex M M
  Whelp Date 11/22/2011 10/29/2005
  Breed GW GS
  Prizes   1 NSTRA CH
  Sire Griffs Quasie Nick TGR'S Impressive Iron Will


Hide and Seek TGR'S Impressive Emma
      1 NSTRA CH
  Comments: VC Southpaw Socks Morrow "Socks" is the youngest GW VC female with a highest score 195 of any female ever to do so

VC Southpaw Socks Morrow