NAVHDA Invitational 2018

The Invitational Test was held at Brownells Big Springs Hunting and Shooting Complex in Searsboro, Iowa, September 13 (Thursday) through September 16 (Sunday).

There were 94 participants. Handlers were either assigned to water or field in the morning, switching in the afternoon.  

Water work consisted of heeling, double marks, a blind retrieve which was 111 yards long and honoring.   

Field work was hunting with a bracemate for one hour - hunting, pointing, retrieving and honoring. 

This year's IT had a 47% pass rate.  

We met a lot of new friends through this experience and had a lot of fun. 

We are very thankful to those who have mentored, taught and encouraged us to make it this far.  

Cindy & Bartos


NA Prize 1 - 112

UT Prize 1 - 199

Bartos is owned by Cindy McMorran


NA Prize 1 - 112

UT Prize 1 - 194

Atticus is owned by Mark Santos

Additional Information

Though neither dog qualified for the coveted title of Versatile Champion, Lone Star NAVHDA congratulates both dogs and owners on their accomplishments.